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What do you think of Ragan Communications?

A communications industry publisher who certainly “gets” social media and the impacts of the online world upon public relations is Ragan Communications. My Ragan is a great social network for communications professionals and something I wish the PRSA had created. is a solid site and the companion set of email newsletters are well formatted, nicely targeted and always seem to have good articles. I have found the Communication + Technology Insider to be a great idea generator and in general one of the better forward thinking publications.

All of these publications show how a trade publisher once solidly in the print world can adapt to the online marketplace. They certainly continue to sell and distribute print version of their newsletters. It seems though that the high quality free content drives more people towards their conferences, workshops research, training and other expert deliverables.

So, what do you think of the Ragan “world”?

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Yes Virginia, Mahogany is a Wood

Back on December 9, 2007 there was this post on Weird Spot about a guy who made a car out of mahogany. Very cool from a woodworkers point of view. What made me laugh though was this line – “made from mahogany (a type of wood).” Mahogany, a type of wood? No kidding. I thought this strange at first and then I clued into the audience for Weird Spot and realized that maybe they are simple enough to not even know that mahogany is a wood.

And yes, I realize that mahogany could be a color – but if the post is titled “Car Made from Wood” and then you say “made from mahogany” and you have a picture –do you really need to say “a type of wood”.

End of Rant

Oh, and of course I still NEED to read this stuff because how else do you find out stuff like A Hospital Serves Up Mouse Head on Plate Because you know this is much more important than CNET, WSJ, NYT or any other news .you could possible imagine. 😉

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