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An example of an 8 minute Google Map

I was recently chatting with folks and I was saying that maps are actually quite easy to create. The following is a set I created with Google My Maps in less than 8 minutes. This certainly is nothing fancy. It is meant to demonstrate that with available tools and some forethought that maps may be embed into every site with very little (if any) tech involvement. Design would help for the labels, but this is not high end design. Just someone with some basic design skills could then make this very snazzy.

If I can do this in a few minutes then there is no reason every “contact us” and address page on every site could not have at least a simple map. This map is also now in the Google Maps search directory. Who knows, someone may find this little guy someday and then they can comment on my selections.

KML File: Open this file to view the Map in Google Earth. This was automatically created for me along with the map.

A link to the map. Click here to open a link to the map in a Web browser.

And here is the embedded map. When I created this I selected this size. You could make it any size to fit your design.

View Larger Map

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