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Offline Blog Management and Windows Live Writer Review

When blogging you will usually find yourself work in MS Word (or other word processor) and then copying and pasting your final version into the blogging CMS. This is fine for some simple work flow, but a pain when you have images to upload or are working offline (like on a plane). You may also find many of the blogging CMS’ simply weak in the editing department and want something better. There are several easy offline writer solutions to these and other drawbacks of the CMS entry tools.

My current preferred offline writing tool is Windows Live Writer. Certainly many would want to write this off immediately since it comes from Microsoft. If that is your feeling then read no further. Personally I have found the Windows Live Writer’s integration with the Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Live and my WordPress driven blogs to be preferred over the various open source and other alternatives.

Why use an Offline Reader

  • Enables you to work on posts while disconnected form the Internet and to then upload your changes to old posts, publish new posts and otherwise manage your blog all with a rapid synch operation.
  • Enables easier posting as images and other files that make up the post are uploaded along with the text. No more need to upload each item separately, figure out the URL and link on each text. This is all done when you write the post and handled for you during the publish process.
  • Better WYSIWYG integration tool set including a better spell checking and preview than the blogging CMS. For example, this can force a spell check before publishing.

Download and try the Windows Live Writer now from the Microsoft Download Center at:

So what do you think of offline post composition, Windows Live Writer or other options?

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