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Magazine and Sweepstakes Telemarketer Scam Alert “Readers Services”

For the past couple of months I have received calls every few days from some company calling themselves “Readers Services.” They claim they represent the magazines I subscribe. Nope. I subscribe to one wood working magazine. I call this publisher and they say this company is a scam to sign up people for magazine subscriptions. Indeed the callers try to say I must complete some sort of question and answers and provide billing details in order not to be charged $1200.00.

Every time I say not to call me anymore they say okay. Then they call again. On the call last night at 9:30 PM (that woke my 2 year old) I tried to obtain their real company name and address. When I demanded the address the caller hung up. Amazing as for every other call no matter what I said they would not hang up.

This morning I ran some searchers. They indeed seem to be some scam soliciting for magazines. They go under the name of Readers Services, National Magazine Exchange, Special Data Processing Corp, Agora Marketing Solutions and other names. They appear to be out of Clearwater Florida.

They seem to get your contact information from the wealth of online giveaways and sweepstakes. Darn – I never should have asked for that Eucerin coupon or something similar.

Seems like the next step is to write letters to a whole bunch of folks such as the FTC, MA and Fl state attorney generals and others.

And here is the site for the scammers – or Seems from most references to be the first of these two sites. Yet, they seem to be interconnected when reading the various complaints.

Here are some links to various folks with the same issue: