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Marketers Challenge; Gefilte Fish

I am sitting here eating a nice plate of gefilte fish. And it is not even Passover yet. But hey, I find these yummy. Certainly most members of the tribe I meet do not have the same preference for this delicacy. Few if any people really say – “hey, let’s go grab some gefilte for lunch.” This is a food crying out for a good marketing effort. It could start with a social media push to enhance the popularity of gefilte fish. As one site at says, there is a story to tell. Then we could build this buzz to some cool interactive. I see the Facebook application now – send a friend a “fish ball”. Or, I would love to see little chattering gefiltes dancing on a JibJab ecard. Then this could be ready for a giant advertising campaign. We could run something to demonstrate to the world just how lovely ground up fish can be. (Only the good stuff here – it is kosher after all.)

Rise oh rise the understated hero that is the gefilte!