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Articles for Reference – First of More to Follow

For quite some time I wanted to put up a list of good articles I have found as my own personal archive. 

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Track Copy and paste From Your Web Site

My colleague, David Leavitt, alerted me to a cool new tool yesterday he found mentioned on the Nieman Journalism LabTracer allows you to track who copies and pastes from your Web site.  You put a bit of JavaScript in your footer.  Then when folks copy and paste items from your Web site it is tracked.  How doe sit do this?  When the person pastes the item into their document, site or elsewhere then it has a “Read More” URL link added to the text they paste.  This URL tracks click thru via the Tracer service.  This helps you get some sort of stats if people do not remove this URL from their item.

Overall very interesting and I am trying it out on my blog.  It will be interesting to see how well this really works.

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