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How to go about selecting a CMS

A client has come to us for analytics and other consulting.  We then found that they manage their rather large and complex site entirely via manual HTML edits. They know they need a better way and are considering content management systems.  Chatting with them I see they have not outlined in a formal manager the business requirements for the management of not just their website, but their entire digital framework. A good short list of needs that the team agrees upon should be the basis of evaluation and selection.  Here are some questions the business requirements should consider.

  • What is the product road map of the CMS and how is it supported?  Does this match your corporate culture and comfort level.
  • How big is the site and what are particular feature and functional requirements?  Can the CMS package support these items that you currently utilize but also those that may be needed in the future?  For example, every site should expect to have a mobile and location-based requirement even if you do not have the current need.
  • What is the analytics package you will utilize?  Is this supported with tools to customize the metrics and settings within the CMS?
  • What technologies is your IT staff comfortable managing?  For that matter, do you have an IT staff or will this need to be managed by a partner?
  • How many people will need to manage the website?  Where will they be located?  Do you need a workflow for data entry, review and approval?
  • What tools that are in place will need to link to the CMS?  Email marketing, CRM, SEO, SEM, social media monitoring and engagement and others should all be able to integrate with the CMS. Existing partnerships, modules or other linkages will enable a more immediate and cost-effective hook up.
  • Will this be rolled out buy an internal team, external tam, partner or others and with what level of expertise?  This needs to be taken into consideration for the training and service options available?
  • What is the budget range for the initial phase and the eventual enterprise roll out? This is key as there is a wealth of options but many can be priced right out of the budget.

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This is just my short list of items?  What else should be added to this list of considerations?

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