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Major news in SEO and Analytics

Google has made an announcement that is going to have massive impact on website analytics and SEO.  This announcement is that Google is no longer going to by default pass to sites the search terms people have found your site. This is going to be restricted from those users logged into a Google product and not delivered unless you have a Google Adwords account and campaign in progress.

The impact of such a move by Google to current analytical and SEO practices should not be overlooked. The reality is that Google is the only search engine that delivers a solid steady volume of valued visitors.  We know this because we can (not I should say could have – past tense) see the keywords used in Google to reach and travel through to conversions by every Google referral. Now, without an Adwords account and campaign, this data is only partial and will not entirely reflect the valued data from visitors who find the site from Google.

How important is this?  Massive! The measure of such keywords in often the primary KPI (key performance indicator) of activities to ensure the site is not only found, but clicked through in search results. Then, there is the discovery use.  We use these terms to identify those phrases that we are associated by the visitors to strength or reduce the association.  Without this data we lose some of the most powerful analytics in our tool chest.

Is this good for me and my clients? No. It restricts my practices and in the short term is going to alienate me from Google.  Is this good for Google? No, this is GREAT for Google.  This means that they are going to see an enormous growth in the use of Adwords simply so that sites can obtain this data. I image also that the newly announced commercially supported Google Analytics service probably will have this data available as well.

Here are a couple of good articles on this subject.  I am sure lots more will be published soon.


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