About Dan Katz

I (Dan “DiverDan” Katz) have been working to help company executives and marketers absorb the implications of digital communications since the 4800 bps modem days of CompuServe. I am please to say that this has grown into a steady career having had my own Web shop, worked for some great agencies and now happily working for a fabulous online brand and reputation management company RepEquity, formerly Virilion, formerly Mindshare Interactive Campaigns.

When I am not helping folks out online, I am usually found at home with my wonderful wife (Lisa) and our son (Jacob Benjamin). As time allows, and anyone with a kindergartner can attest there is not much free time, I build furniture down in my wood shop or head out for some rock climbing.

You can also look over my resume LinkedIn profile, or my RepEquity bio and send me a comment to ask me more about my career.