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Yes Virginia, Mahogany is a Wood

Back on December 9, 2007 there was this post on Weird Spot about a guy who made a car out of mahogany. Very cool from a woodworkers point of view. What made me laugh though was this line – “made from mahogany (a type of wood).” Mahogany, a type of wood? No kidding. I thought this strange at first and then I clued into the audience for Weird Spot and realized that maybe they are simple enough to not even know that mahogany is a wood.

And yes, I realize that mahogany could be a color – but if the post is titled “Car Made from Wood” and then you say “made from mahogany” and you have a picture –do you really need to say “a type of wood”.

End of Rant

Oh, and of course I still NEED to read this stuff because how else do you find out stuff like A Hospital Serves Up Mouse Head on Plate Because you know this is much more important than CNET, WSJ, NYT or any other news .you could possible imagine. 😉

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