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You know customized search engines are main stream when…

Gizmodo is clearly again on the top of things with this important news.  K Fed has his own search engine!  For some reason I think this is going a bit in the direction of over targeting your search engine. Then again this is a neat example of a way for PRODEGE to promote its services and a much better way for K Fed to provide his fan(s) a better site than the average celebrity.

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Work on Your Writing Skills

One of the many reason i have started this blog is to work on my writing skills. Besides being a horrible speller, my grammar could certainly use a lot of assistance. A few months back Dumb Little Man had a great post about the Poynter Institutes writing series. I have just started using this series and it is a great help. Over time I am sure that anyone who reads my blog will appreciate that I am working on my writing.

This does bring up another interesting point. I have been looking for some time for such a resource and stumbled upon this in the blog posting. I spend at least a couple of hours a day reading many blogs, news sites and newsletters. Even then I feel I am far behind the curve on knowing what is out there in my own field. The fact that the Internet is bigger than the Library at Alexandria could ever have hope to become means that it is truly daunting these days to experiment. It is no wonder that people return to their same comfortable bookmarks each day. Yes, the whole point of the Internet is that it is the container for all of mankind’s possibilities. But you know, there was something nice back in the day about wandering through the stacks and discovering a cool book.

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Donut Maker – Gotta Git One

Those who know me know that I cannot pass up on a donut. Good, bad, fresh, stale – their donusts and you have to love them. Then again, I think pop-tarts are a culinary delight. My co-workers think I should blog everyday on what I eat for breakfast to simply shock folks. (1 coffe roll).
Simpson Donut Maker
Well, then I see on Gizmodo this great Simpson Donut Maker. WOW! I mean, DUH! I may need to get one of these for my office!!!

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Hollywood creates Boy Scout merit badge on copyright

Some of my fondest childhood memories are those of a Cub Scout and Boy Scout hiking, campaign, knot tyeing and learning various skills with my hands that I still use everyday. While there are various social and political issues facing the Scouting movement, it is such a shame that Scouting has come to the point of focusing on such something so far from the Powell ideas of a scout to have a merit badge for Copyright. Sure, Scouts are expected to understand and obey the law. However, I feel that this could be included in the subject matter of a traditional merit badge and more focus paid to activities that get the scout out into the fields and forests.

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