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Use the right technology for a social media press release or social media newsroom

I have been a proponent of the social media press release (SMPR) and the social media newsroom (SMNR). These efforts by Todd Defren and others have pulled together into a package much of what online communications folks have been saying for awhile. Over at my agency we have even managed a fair number of tests and implementations. In these implementations a common roadblock has been the lack of the clear understandings of the underlying technical requirements.

Many others have stated that an SMPR or SMNR must be built out using blogging technologies. Blog technologies enable the RSS feeds, XML formatting, tagging, commenting and many other functions. They also enable search engine optimization in manners expected of social media search engines such as Technorati, Bloglines and others.

This said, I have found the technical teams that implement the strategies sometimes prefer to hack up an existing CMS to force it to fit a blogging and SMPR/SMNR framework. This has resulted in less than optimal performance. This lack of performance is then blamed on the idea of an SMPR itself. In reality, had the efforts been built out within a dedicated package the performance would have been satisfactory.

Take away – build out a dedicated SMNR site within a blogging CMS such as Movable Type or WordPress. We have found that the hosted TypePad environment is also customizable for the solution. Using such technologies allows us to focus time, energy (and budget) on the content rather than transforming a non-blogging CMS do what others provide right out of the box.

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