Which car should I get?

Which car should I get?

I am in the mood for a car to replace my 2010 Toyota RAV4.  Do I really NEED a new car.  No.  I just do not like the RAV4 and want to find something that I enjoy and will better fit what I think I would like to have.

Here are my so called needs.

  • Hauling found wood and other stuff – I am doing more and more wood working from found wood. This means I am keeping an eye out for old furniture, tree stumps, logs.  It ends up that most weekends I have the need/desire to throw something fairly bulky into the back. I want to be able to throw these in the back of my vehicle to get them home and still have room for passengers who have to wait around during my scavenging.  For example, I found a great log a few weeks ago on the way home from pre-school.  This was about 125 lbs that I managed to get into the back by rolling up a board I keep in the car.  How far am I going on this?  I am planning on keeping a battery power circular saw and other tools on the car to “assist” in my gathering.
  • The Kid – We have the one kid, but my plan is to be able to car pool and other activities and will proudly wear the tag of “soccer dad.”  For some perspective, I already have those silly stickers of a stick figure family on the back of my RAV4.
  • Family travel – We travel a fair bit to the Berkshires, New York, Maine and other places. The RAV4 is just about right for the three of us. More space would be nice and make it MUCH easier to travel with the extended family of one or two more adults.
  • Longevity – I want something that is going to be flexible to have as my car for 150K miles or more
  • It must be blue – This comes from Jacob whose only requirement is that I get a blue car.

I have narrowed my selection to three vehicles. I would get the AWD version of any of these selections.

  • SUV – Honda Pilot – This offers the most space in the class of SUV that I am considering. I do not like the egg shape of most SUVs and prefer this more boxy shape.  The third-row is usable for short distances by adults.  However, when the third row is up there is only minimal room behind this row.
  • Minvan – Toyota Sienna.  I find this has more room and the third row of seats fold flat for lots of room.  This is the only one of the options that has room behind the third row of seats when they are up.
  • Station Wagon – Ford Flex – I like the styling of this car that is high enough up to feel like I am driving an SUV.  The third row is usable buy adjust for longer trips.  There is some room behind the third row when it is up, but not much.  When the third row is down, there is a lot of room for stuff.

Which would you choose and why?



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